Searching for something
long away, the unknown eating
inside me. So gone, so away,
I am. Drifting from one place to
the other, the sun in my eyes, I am
present, watching, waiting, seeing.
I am finding this profound vision, this life
to be wonderfully simple; lovely
almost. I love it. Happiness pours into
my heart. I have no responsibility, I have no
where to go.

True freedom. True happiness. Lost
I only find myself. No one sees me.
No one cares. I don’t care

about them with their over-sized sunglasses and
even larger lies. Their huge handbags, they lift their fingers
to their mouths to cover their faces, hold their chins.
Walking away, always in a hurry. I hate hurrying.

I am the way I am-I will not change for another person.
I am free. A free man. I do not lie about who I am.

These people that crowd themselves into a evil shopping
center, banging their carts straight through hell.
I hear the sweet whistles of the songbirds,
the screech of the car tires. The barking of hounds.
I hear, see, and smell all.
I am one.

© Ms.Fire, 2013