Twelve months and two days ago I wrote a letter to myself saying:

Hi, I hope everything is going well.


I wrote this letter on* thinking that I couldn’t fix my problems. A year ago, things looked bad. I didn’t have my license. College was so far-off for me that it seemed impossible for me to go. I was no longer living on my own so I had to rely on my parents for help. A week or so before I wrote the letter, I broke up with an insecure person who didn’t trust me and emotionally abused me. I thought I was always going to be alone and unsuccessful.

I knew that I wrote the letter but I couldn’t recall what date it would arrive. I’m happy that it came when it did because my life is going well now. I have a license and a car. I’m studying biological science at a local college. I live with a man who loves me and wants me to have friends. Both of us want to foster a healthy long-lasting relationship. I am so happy that I’m finally in love with someone who cares about me and made room for me in his life.

I am proud of myself. Before I wrote that letter, I never had this much success and happiness.

Even though it felt longer, it only took me about a year to figure myself out and get things rolling. The funny thing is: I didn’t know how important it was for me to do that for myself or how long it took me to be happy until I got the letter in my E-mail.