If we were having coffee, I’d meet you at the door.

Come. Sit. I’ll get you something warm and bitter.

I’d tell you that I’ve gotten a lot of unsolicited advice from people telling me I should include all the labs that I’ve ever performed.

You know how many labs I’ve done?

More than 50, but somehow, I’m supposed to talk about every one of them from the last one to the first. Do you know how complicated both genetics and chemistry part II is?

Pretty complex, and I’d have to explain everything for a layperson to understand. I mean everything.

Plus, since I have no media or photos from the lab, this kind of series would be very boring and dry to a non-science person. So, why even bother making such a series?

Well, I’ve thought about it and I’ve decided to talk about at least one kind of experiment in genetics that we’ve used many times. In fact, it’s something that yourself can do in your home!

You asked for it and I’m delivering. It’s not something that you expect. It’s real work and thinking – not boiling-water-thrown-into-cold-air-kind-of-experiment where you put absolutely no thought into it and make pretty effects.

Honestly, I think that “experiment” is pretty boring, but what do I know?

Anyway, I’m up to my eyeballs in work, but after this week is over (actually, when this Thursday is over) I’m done for the semester. Hopefully, I’ll be graduating aka passing chemistry part II.

Wish me luck!