What are Bacteria?

There are various bacteria, but they are usually have one cell (unicellular). Bacteria come in different sizes and shapes. Coccus (1 micrometer) is a round bacteria. Bacillus (2 to 5 micrometers) is the rod-shaped bacteria. Spirillum (10 micrometers) is this wavy sort-of-thing and vibrio, which is this curved rod.

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What are Microbes?

Because “protists” are so diverse, the term “protist” is no longer used. Instead, the categories of microbes are bacteria, archaea, fungi, algae, protozoa, slime molds, and viruses (because they are not cells, viruses aren’t technically living). There so many uses (such as vaccines, biofuel, and yogurt) that microbes give us, but they’re also harmful too.

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