Here I will give my review on Margerat Doody’s book: Aristotle and Poetic Justice. It is the second book in a series of five books.


♥♥♥♥ out of five. 


My first impression of this book is that it very historically accurate. My second impression of the book was that, I loved reading about how, in Aristotle’s time, Greeks praised the gods. It was very comforting to read about people who loved and worshiped the Theoi as I did. It was also great to get a short view of what life was like to have a polis, a public religion.

Finally, it was a very good read.

That said, I gave it four hearts out of five because the murder mystery was great, but I knew who the murderer was before the end of the book.

The adventure aspect of the book was a lot of fun. Aristotle and his friend, Stephanos, go on a perilous journey to find an abducted heiress. They journey from Athens to Delphi. On the way to Delphi, they discover some startling things: two of which were two corpses of the people they knew.

I loved this part because in all murder mysteries, there are some murders. And with these murders, clues. I love clues, and these two murders were full of them. Among other things!

On their way to Delphi, a slave visited them and asked that he could help them because the slave that was owned by the abducted heiress was is his true love!

The best things I liked about the book was the adventure, but most of all, even though I knew who the “bad person” was before the end of the book, I liked how twisty the ending was.

I did, however, feel the ending was a bit rushed, but besides that, I thought the adventure part of the story was incredible. I love adventure stories so having a bit of a journey inside a mystery was a treat.