Reflection: On Spiritual Transitions

This is the first reflection here on DD

I’ve studied modern paganism since I was 12 years old, but now, everything seems different and alive, and I am happy.

Let me explain.

Since I found Dodekatheism. I don’t consider myself a pagan/Pagan (even though other people would consider me a pagan).  I don’t practice magic anymore. I don’t consider myself a witch anymore. I don’t need witchcraft. I enjoy my religion very much.

I love just worshiping the Theoi. I don’t feel the need to do magic, spells, or seek out power. I no longer want to feel powerful. I feel content on giving to the Gods. This morning, after my devotional, I felt so happy. I took time out from my busy day to worship the Gods.

Because of my devotional, I didn’t get time to eat. I had to rush out of the door and into the car.

I learning and thinking about so much! For me, at this time, I don’t think that my rituals and devotionals are an offering, but a sacrifice of time and energy. I think of offerings as the food I give from my plate or the essential oils I drop into the chalice. They are physical things.

Feeling thankful as led me to feel happy. Centering my religion on the Theoi only has led me to happiness, thankfulness, and contentment.