Essay: My Altar and Shrine

This is the fifth essay here on DD.

Here I am going to talk about my altar and shrine!

In the center of the altar is Hestia’s jar. In it, I have several things that remind me of family and the home. Around that, there is the tiara I wore on my wedding day. On top of the jar, is my promise and engagement rings.

I give everyone a walk through on what’s on my altar and shrine. The orange painting is for Helios and the silver one is for Selene.

Below the Helios portrait, there is my kadiskos for Zeus. There is my offering chalice where I put essential oils as offerings in and pour water libations for the Gods. After a day or so, I pour the offerings in an oil diffuser.

Behind the chalice is Apollon’s offering. I gave him an Aperfectcirlce CD and a heart-shaped rock. Beside Apollon’s offerings is my devotional/ritual cards. At the corner, is Hermes’ offerings. I write to him every Wednesday after his hymn and pop the message in his message bottle.

Beside his message bottle, I have a handmade crochet basket for Agathos Daimon, Agatha Tyche, and Hermes. Beside that, there is a crystal to make purified water (khernips).

On the Selene portrait side, in the corner, there is Hekate’s candle. Behind the candle is my offering to the ancestors.

On the side, beside Hekate’s candle, there is the Book of Love Poems for Aphrodite. I also have a tea bag drainer in case I want to make tea for the Gods.

Beside Hekate’s candle, there is my food offering box. I have my ceramic bowl that holds all my lemongrass I use to make khernips.  My grandmother gave me that.

Next to the goddess statue, I have a small glass bowl for non-water libations. The goddess statue is for Hera who gave me that statue to represent herself.

On the Selene portrait, on the part closest to you, I have amber bottles for essential oils. I have myrrh, vanilla (as a storax substitute), rose, frankincense, and lavender. In the center, I have a plate for khernips, and on the Helios portrait side, I have my Tarot cards my mom gave me and water for pouring libations.

My mom crochet the altar cloth for me! She knows how much I love rainbows! So it’s, of course, a rainbow!

In the center, I have Hestia’s flame, which is another crocheted project. It’s sitting in a candle cap.

Well, I think that’s it for the altar part. On the top, I have portraits for the Gods I worship except for Hestia and Herakles, which was not planned. I need to grab two more canvases for them.

On the Selene portrait side, on the left, I have Artemis, Aphrodite, Persphone, and Hades. On this side, I have Hekate, Hera, Hephaestos, Dionysos, and Athene. On the Helios portrait side, I have Zeus, Hermes, Demeter, Poseidon, and Pan. On the farthest right, I have Apollon, Ares, Iris, and Asklepios.

And that’s it! Almost all of the stuff I use is stuff around my home or stuff I had before I came to Dodekatheism (I’ve been pagan since I was 12). That khernips bowl is actually part of a plant pot set! I try not to buy from big box stores for religious items. Instead, I go to thrift stores or use gifts I’ve received from friends and family. I do have an oil diffuser that I bought from Amazon, but my mom bought me another, after I told her how much I love it! I do buy my essential oils, herbs, and amber bottles locally.