section 2

She flew into her dorm and hastily packed her traveling clothes in a leather bag.

“Sen,” an old man voice rung through the quiet rustle inside the dorm.

Senosha quickly turned to face Father Oralndo standing at the doorway. His hands clasped together like Garion earlier.

“Father,” she began.

“You must go, Sen,” he moved swiftly to her, grabbed her large muscled hands. “The villagers are quite angry at you for what they believe you’ve done.”

“Father…” she stuttered.

He raised his hand.

“I understand what happened, Sen,” Father said quietly. He looked over his shoulder to the dormitary door. “You must leave, my child.”

Senosha nodded and escaped Father’s grasp. She resumed her packing as Father stood there.

Senosha turned her back on him pretending to put her things away. Tears ran down her grey face.

Today is the last day she will see Father Orlando again. The man raised her from an orphan and today…..

She turned to face him and he too was crying.

Before she could said anything a quiet knock hit the door.

“Sen?” A soft voice rang from outside the door. “There are men outside the gate here to see you.”

She eyes the door. Father swung around and opened it. There Brother Byron stood surprised to see both Senosha and Father Oralndo standing there weeping.

“I’m sorry,” Byron backed away. “There these men on horseback looking for Sister Senosha.”

He leaned over to his left to get a better look at Senosha standing composed eyes dried with a spare tunic.

“I will go to them,” she stepped forward.

“No my child,” Father said as he raised his arm with an open palm. “I will go to them.”

“No!” Her yell was more of a battle cry. Both Father and Byron jumped.

“I must take responsibility for all of my students,” he reclaimed his composure.

He glided out the door. Senosha was astounded. Not only she must leave, but Father has to face the consequences of her stupidity.

She threw her pack on her shoulder and strode past Byron standing there still in shock.

“‘Bye, Byron,” Senosha said as she flew past him.

Bye!” He called at her disappearing form in the midnight air to the woods.