section 4

“Who are you?” She moved cautiously out of his range. If he decided to breathe lightening, she can dodge.

“I’m a no one,” Ray said as he opened his arms. “I saw you coming out of the woods over there.” He pointed his thumb over his left shoulder.”You look formidable enough to join me,” he said

Ray inched closer to Senosha.

“I need you to come with me. I am on the run from the law,” he whispered.

“Oddly enough there are some crazy villagers after me,” Senosha said she crossed her arms. “They think I hurt a man, but I didn’t.”

“We should join forces,” Ray finally said as he smacked his right fist inside his left palm, and grinned.

“Remind me. Why should I join you?” Senosha asked eyeing him skeptically.

“We can fend off the pitchforks and other bonfires together,” Ray said. His smile widened.