Endless coil, around and around, the transformation
never finished,
pulse pounding on and on
and on…in my skull.

I am never done, I will never be complete.
The change is always dangerous, the ways are forever
in me.
Serpent, with your killer mouth, swallow me whole,
I am now eternal. To the stars that follow the maker,
to the moon’s milky shadow, to the earth under
my feet.
I will never bend over for you,
I will never break for you,
This is my pledge, this is my serenity.

I am the hawk upon the cliff,
I am the alert doe on the hill,
I am the Evil Eye staring at your face.
I am…what I am….You’ll never know me.
I am the dragon; I am the serpent
eating its tail, I am complete unto my
self. I am the way.
I will take over and
leave nothing behind,

I will, I create, I become!


In the bowels
of curling

there is a diminishing
on the floor
and tired.

It is hurt and untouched
something keeping me

It is weak and unconnected.
I am falling to pieces without

so close to
me in past.
It fades
more and more
and more, until I am
left with fear.