Dreams escape through
my every waking breath.
I long for the bridge to
take me where my heart
lies, across the swarming,
churning anxiety within
me, the pathway is dark
but the light in my lantern
The steel black bridge could be
dangerous says Mama. But the terror
is what brought me here.
Twisted trees whisper to one
another, telling secrets, stones
stare at me as I glide pass.

Stop daydreaming! They all yell,
my fragile shell almost breaking. I miss
my wild vision of gossiping maples, pines, and ash,
the talking and walking forest far from me and these
ordinary people of hard reality. I desire to be free
from responsibility, I want to be back in my secret world,
but they say:

oh, dear girl! Don’t you want to be a full-human! Don’t you want to
love! Maybe to hate? What is wrong with you!?

They shake me, try to rattle me out of my misery,
I was striding along on the black bridge to that wonderful forest for what
it felt like five years, now all I want is to reach
and touch what, they say, truly hurts me:
those babbling trees,
and traveling stones.

I feel so young, yet my body is so much older than
I remember….let me fall off the walkway into the
depths of cold below. Let go of me and let me go back to my
breathing living woods.

© Ms. Fire, 2018