Section 7

At the port, the fishermen, farmers, and rough hands of the port stared at the grey-skinned orc-woman in monk’s clothes. She eyed each and every one of them as she passed. Her brother monks consulted her vast knowledge of cooking occasionally, but ignored her presence once they were satisfied. 

Senosha stood back from the group of her brethren as they stopped at a fisherman’s store by the docks. 

“How much for the haddock,” Brother Donovan asked the grisly old fisherman while pointing at the fish on display. The fishermen grumbled and looked at Senosha.

“Who’s she?” he rasped. “If it is a ‘she.'”

Senosha looked at the fisherman. His deep wrinkles told endless tales of life of the sea. The brothers shifted their gaze to Senosha while she gazed at the man behind the rickety store stall. If it is a store stall. 

“I will be over there,” she nodded to an isolated dock away from the wretched man.

Before her fellow monks could say a word, Senosha walked over to the edge of a docks. As she left, the brothers breathed a collective sigh. 

The gruff fisherman gurgled a laugh, but it was inaudible to Senosha as she looked at the floating sunset across the horizon. How can something this beautiful be at a such a horrible place, she thought.

After some time, a small voice caught her attention.

“‘Scuse me,” a little voice rang from her right side. Glancing down, Senosha looked at a small human female tugging at her legging.

“Yes?” she answered looking down at the small creature. 

“Are you a monk?” the little girl asked.

“Yes, I am,” Senosha said turning back to look at the pink and golden sunset. Not looking at the child she asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“No,” the little being said defiantly, “Why should I?”

“Because I’m different,” Senosha looked down at her little face.

“Rosa!” a woman’s screech cut through the air startling the poor child. 

Senosha looked at where the loud screech came from and saw a large fishermen’s wife barrel towards her. She held her stance eyeing the woman with her most intimidating stare, but the mother didn’t look at Senosha, but at the poor child still holding on Senosha’s pants.

“I am here mommy!” Rosa yelled back cheerfully. “I am talking to the nice monk lady.”

“What are you doin’?” the mother yelled. As she came close to Senosha and Rosa, her tangled mass of hair flowed as the wind caught it in the breeze. The dock rocked as she trudged towards them.

Before Rosa could answer, the mother whacked her daughter across the face. If she wasn’t holding onto Senosha’s trousers, she’d fall into the water.

Senosha by instinct, in one second, picked up Rosa, and held her.

The mother’s face blanched at this wild grey creature holding her only child in its massive arms. Rosa’ whimpered as her face buried inside the monk’s folds.

Before Senosha could ask the child if she was all right. The mother smacked the massive monk’s arms. Not a very hard hit, but one that surprised the six-foot tall grey half-orc woman. No one besides the brothers hit her and that was in a fair fight.

Senosha stood there and stared the hysterical woman down, but the half-orc monk did not look at all menacing with a tiny human wrapped in her arms. 

“Give me back my child you monstah,” the woman sneered. The monks glided behind the woman on the dock making it rock back and forth.

Senosha felt stunned – not sure what to do. 

Brother Byron called to Senosha, “Sen, put the small human down, and let’s go.”

Senosha glanced at Byron and he nodded to the ground. She squatted to let the child leave her arms. Rosa didn’t let go so easily, but Senosha pried the little arms off her. The tiny body sat down on the planks limply.

“Did that mean orc squash you?” the mother looked concerned and grabbed the ragged girl who now looked like a doll crumpled on the wooded planks. She tutted as she picked up Rosa still crying from the vicious slap.

The woman pointed at Senosha as she silently walked to the monks. “That monstah, hurt my lil’ Rosa!”

All eyes fell on Senosha as she twisted around and looked at the woman.  A mean stare that would knock any formidable opponent to the ground.

Brother Donovan and Byron put their hands on Senosha as if to stop her from hurting the human, but Senosha was perfectly still. She pulled off the brother’s hands and walked in-between them.

As if acting on command, the monks surrounded Senosha at all sides cloaking her as they moved with their food to the woods. A few brave men bellowed obscenities at Senosha and the monks who protected her as they fled.