If We Were Having Tea

I know, I know: I have not published anything in a while. That’s because I am working on my report about the effects on online harassment on feminism today, and I am finishing up my semester at college. Also, I am looking for an internship/part time job, or a full time job since I plan on graduating this spring! Wish me luck!

What I have, so far….(which is not a lot)

I am working on a painting for my sister, but since my mom passed away in September, I  did not get the time or energy to work on it. My sister asked me to paint her and her baby. 

As a way to combat anxiety this stress-filled nightmare of running around getting gifts, avoiding crazy people on the road, and doing finals, I am working on crocheting a nice scarf or some type of head covering for worship (I am a polytheist who worships the Greek gods). 

maybe a scarf?

Here are some projects I made in the past:

Working on something such as these helps me focus when I am stressed. 

Speaking of stress, I am looking for a part time or full time or internship because I graduate this spring semester. I think when my husband graduates from his graduate studies, I would like to look into the master’s program: Public Health. It seems like a good fit for me since I want to help people as much as I can and since I have biology and science writing experience.