If we were having tea

I got a job for the spring semester! For what’s it’s worth, it was the first job I applied for. It sounds like something I’m looking for. I can’t wait to start, but I know that I have to take some time for myself. I did just finished a 12-paged lit. review on the effects of online harassment on cyber-communities. It’s time to break out the crochet, YouTube and sit and work on my scarf.


I wanted to take some time out and talk a bit about my fur-babies. Here is Lucifurr. He’s an all black kitty (except for one whisker, which is white).

Luci, here, was about three months old. Now, he’s about five months old. Luci is such a sweet little guy. He loves love. Luci sits on my bed and reminds me of my mommy duties!

Here’s Minerva (on the right). She’s about six months old now, but at that point of the photo, she was about five months old. Minerva is older than Luci and she was a feral who acclimated to Luci’s litter. I wanted Minerva because she was from a feral colony. I couldn’t stand the thought of giving her up to someone who did not have the adequate patience that comes with owning a feral cat. Plus, she is the prettiest and smartest cat I know.

More Minerva!

Today, some friends are coming over for X-mas. Yule was yesterday, but I am sad to say that I did not do much for winter solstice other than important errands (kitty toy shopping). My husband and I bought this amazing toy for our fur children:

The best toy award goes to…

I am happy to say I am on vacation. Just takin’ a breath before the onslaught of work I have to do in the next year…