My Principles of My Religion

Here are my principles of my faith:

Xenia refers to hospitality and offering your home to a guest. To me, in terms of my religion, I want my oikos, my house, to accommodate the Gods. This is practicing xenia.

  1. Kharis refers to underserved kindness, grace, and life. In my religion, it is the kindness I show the Gods. Kharis is the bond between me and the Gods. Kharis is the act of giving to the Gods to show my appreciation and thankfulness. When I petition the Gods, I often give them an offering.
  2. Arete refers to doing your best — you’re absolute best. I try to bring that into my worship. When I am sick, I don’t usually worship the Gods because I am not at my best.
  3. Eusebia refers to living piously. It is vital in my worship to praise the Gods every day unless I feel sick that day for whatever reason. I tend to give food, essential oils, and I pour water libations (into the garden after ritual). Giving gives me great joy.
  4. Eudaimonia refers to happiness. I feel happy when I do all of these things in my worship. This word also means “human flourishing.” It is a process. For me, when I give to the Gods, I feel happy. When I am thankful for what I have and give back to them – meager offerings I might add – I don’t expect anything in return. I am thanking them for what they have done for me whether I know it or not. Because I feel that the Gods know best, I don’t usually petition them for help unless I feel I absolutely need it. Not asking for anything tends to give me the greatest happiness. (This is just from my experience. I am not saying that everyone should feel the same way).