If we were having tea

If we were having tea, I would tell you….

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Confronting tempartures in Maine

Spring is arriving earlier, according to this report from the state of Maine. The climate in Maine is changing where summers have gotten hotter, and winters “becoming warmer and less snowy”, according to the report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

The changing climate in Maine will impact its agriculture. Warmer temperatures create heat stress on “economically important crops,” according to UCS.

Fishing for cod will become harder for Maine’s fishermen. Warming Gulf of Maine will decrease cod stock, according to UCS. Additionally, Atlantic salmon will have many challenges getting upstream due to short-term droughts, the report said.

Recreation in Maine will also take a hit. Maine will no longer have long ski seasons due to climate change in Maine the report said. Snowmobiling will also get cut short as the winter warms up.

Climate change in Maine will also challenge logging and forestry. “Mud season” will last longer making logging difficult, according to the report.

Air quality will decrease and diseases carried by mosquitoes and ticks will increase, UCS said.

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Who I am philosophically and religiously: An incomplete reflection

I believe that the world is interconnected and intersectional – if you will. This type of belief stems from feminism. Feminism is a political movement aimed at treating women as human beings with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and agency. The term “intersectionality” refers to how discrimination can intersect gender, race, class, age, etc.

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