Who I am philosophically and religiously: An incomplete reflection

I believe that the world is interconnected and intersectional – if you will. This type of belief stems from feminism. Feminism is a political movement aimed at treating women as human beings with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and agency. The term “intersectionality” refers to how discrimination can intersect gender, race, class, age, etc.

In regards to my religion: Dodekatheism. I primarily worship the Theoi (Greek gods). I see them as the universe. I do not care whether the the gods are “real.” They are real as the sun shines on me. They are real as the clouds swarm above and the sea ebbs and flows. I do not know if this is “pantheism”, the belief that the universe is divine, but I see the Gods as their domains.

At the time, because of the eco-feminist elements in the paths, I like the Reclaiming and Feri traditions of modern Paganism. I incorporate feminism into my religion seeing all genders equal. I know that ancient Greece was patriarchal so, when I worship one god or goddess, I try to worship his or her counterpart too. If it’s a ritual for Zeus, I worship Hera too, and so on.

In terms of reality and the human mind, I feel it does not matter because the human mind cannot escape its paradigm. We can never see the world as it is because we only can know what other humans know. What I am saying is: the world is objective, the mind is subjective.

In science, I must have an objective frame of mind. I cannot press my own opinions or thoughts on an observation. As T.Thorn Coyle wrote in her book Evolutionary Witchcraft

I may feel awkward describing my experiences with the Gods, feeling that these experiences are irrational, yet that does not mean they are less real. I have felt the Gods surrounding me and moving through me, yet I often cannot explain this experience satisfactorily to someone who does not share my language. I can only try to explain that reason is only one way to access information. The Gods can be real to my body or my emotions and unreal to my rational intellect. I’ve learned to live with the paradox and to grow through the pressure of dissonance (p. 78).

– T.Thorn Coyle

This quote encapsulates how I feel in both worlds: the science and factual, and the spiritual and emotional. I straddle both worlds simultaneously. I move from objective to subjective because I need to have a certain perspective for certain situations. I will not rob myself of the spiritual gifts I receive because I was taught that the emotional is somehow wrong. I will not stop looking at things skeptically because it is not polite in religious circles.