If we were having tea

If we were to have tea together, I would tell you that I’m applying to jobs. I am going to graduate from four year college in May, and I am preparing myself for that big leap from school to job.


I would also tell you that I got some old games that are backwards compatible to the Xbox One. I am a huge Elder Scrolls fan so, of course I had to get Oblivion. I love Fable especially Fable 2 and 3. And Fallout: New Vegas is a classic.


I would also tell you that today (or tonight) is Hekate’s Dinner. The new moon marks a new month in Dodekatheism. Here, we clean the house, do budget for the month, donate money to the poor or homeless, bake cakes for Hekate and ourselves.

Nowadays Dodekatheists don’t sacrifice any living beings – instead I use a black candle to burn away the past month’s miasma and lyma. Basically, this is the time to welcome the new month without any of the previous month’s crap.

I usually put all food offerings in a box and set it outside, if weather permits.