about me

I am a science and news writer, WordPress wizard, website designer and consultant, content manager, social media pro, artist, poet, gamer, and professional cat lover.

After I graduated high school, my parents’ house burned down. I wanted to go college, but in one day everything was burned away: our home, our pets…My future. 

It has taken me ten years to get to where I am now. 

After I graduated high school, I did not have a car or a driver’s license. Desperate to get my foot in the door, I asked my housemates to drive me to work. When I was 25, after they built the new house, I moved back into my parents’ home. I got my driver’s license and I bought a car. 

At the age of 25, I started college. 

Now, I am a senior studying communications, media, and biological science (I graduate in May). I like writing about science and feminism. I am a Dodekatheist, feminist, poet, and gamer. I like crocheting, hanging out with my fur babies, and playing board games.

About Dodekatheism

“It focuses on the worship of the Twelve Olympic Gods–Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hēphaistos, Apollon, Artemis, Demeter, Hestia, Hermes, Ares, Poseidon and Aphrodite–along with the entire pantheon of Hellenic Gods, known collectively as the Theoi. Most Hellenists honour other types of divinities, including nature spirits, Khthonic (or Underworld) Deities, and heroes. Both physical and spiritual ancestors are honored. Hellenismos [Dodekatheism] is a religion focused on community and family on the one hand, and personal excellence on the other, where the worship and love of the Theoi serves as an overarching ideal.”

Elani Temperance, 2015

In regards to my religion: Dodekatheism. I primarily worship the Theoi (Greek gods). I see them as the universe. I do not care whether the the gods are “real.” They are real as the sun shines on me. They are real as the clouds swarm above and the sea ebbs and flows. I do not know if this is “pantheism”, the belief that the universe is divine, but I see the Gods as their domains. – Me

My Principles of My Religion

  1. Xenia refers to hospitality and offering your home to a guest. I want my oikos, my house, to accommodate the Gods as well as family, friends, and strangers. This is practicing xenia.
  2. Kharis refers to underserved kindness, grace, and life. In my religion, it is the kindness I show the Gods. Kharis is the bond between me and the Gods. Kharis is the act of giving to the Gods to show my appreciation and thankfulness. When I petition the Gods, I often give them an offering.
  3. Arete refers to doing your best — you’re absolute best. I try to bring that into my worship. When I am sick, I don’t usually worship the Gods because I am not at my best.
  4. Eusebia refers to living piously. It is vital in my worship to praise the Gods every day unless I feel sick that day for whatever reason. I tend to give food, essential oils, and I pour water libations (into the garden after ritual). Giving gives me great joy.
  5. Eudaimonia refers to happiness. I feel happy when I do all of these things in my worship. This word also means “human flourishing.” It is a process. For me, when I give to the Gods, I feel happy. When I am thankful for what I have and give back to them – meager offerings I might add – I don’t expect anything in return. I am thanking them for what they have done for me whether I know it or not. Because I feel that the Gods know best, I don’t usually petition them for help unless I feel I absolutely need it. Not asking for anything tends to give me the greatest happiness. (This is just from my experience. I am not saying that everyone should feel the same way).